We’re using:

  • Unity 2020.2.3.f1
  • Latest version of Xcode
  • I tested it on this hardware, and it works on :
    • the app works on my iPhone X (iOS 14.4)
    • the app works on my iPad (iOS 14.4)
    • the app works on my iPhone6 (iOS 12.5.1)
    • (Also works on Androids already)

Here’s our iOS App Store Submission issue:

Apple App Review Team sent me back this:


The App Technical Review team told me that it was related to my ‘Release build’

My summary (Problem):
it’s a watchdog wall clock 20 secs thing… (crashes on launch)
…the app is ejected because the app that they have (release) doesn’t load in under 20 seconds…
…however it works in debug mode in 10 secs.
These are the crash logs from the Apple App Review team:
crash log 1  <————
crash log 2 <————-
crash log 3 <————-


My summary (Solution):
  1. Apple wants us to symbolize the crashlogs using Xcode… but I don’t know how to do that… it involves some terminal commands or something…

  2. Do we have to rewrite the main file or something? make thing load later for speed?

  3. Also, They say to use some Launch tool in Xcode (Metrics tool?) to see what’s taking so long.




here is a reference article from apple:


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