Hello, thanks for helping… here’s my problem:

Problem Summary:

  • my published 2018 app is being replaced with my brand new version ‘V.2’ app

  • App works when testing it on my phones, ipads, BUT…

  • my downloaded app test flight DOES NOT work… (it crashes/ hangs on launch) (before splash screen)

I suspect it has to do with incorrect profiles, or app capabilities/ permissions… that aren’t lining up properly… thus causing the app to crash right away


Here are my current questions…

QUESTION 1: (Could deployment target, or deployment minimum be mis-aligned?)

My Xcode only goes down to 9.0 (I have it set to iOS12), that’s okay, right?  -because it kinda forces me to…

… here’s my old/ Current App on the App Store:



QUESTION 2.a: “Why is Game Center and In-App Purchases grey’d out?”   <—–

2.b Does that mean I can’t change it once it’s published?   <—-

2.c How do I match things up so that it syncs again??   <—-

2.d. Is there something that I need to set up somewhere?  <—


QUESTION 3. “How do I make sure my new app has the same settings again? (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS)?” <—

is it in Xcode? … is it in the Appstoreconnect portal maybe?

(see image below… this is my old/ published app’s platform)



and finally…

QUESTION 4. “Should I  delete + Reinstall my APP ID?”   <—-

Is that even possible? (I still want to keep my name “4D VIEWR” / profile/ users, etc…)



Below is INFO about our new App

Our latest/ current Project is using:

  • Unity 2020.2.3.f1

  • Vuforia 8.6.7

  • Xcode 12.4 (Latest)

  • I tested the app on this hardware, and it works on :
    • the app works on my iPhone X (iOS 14.4)
    • the app works on my iPad (iOS 14.4)
    • the app works on my iPhone6 (iOS 12.5.1)
    • (Also works on Androids already)


Here are my NEW Xcode export settings:





that’s the end of the Build Settings section:




-This doesn’t open in test flight 🙁